The Official Automotive Tech / Small Business Owner / Father / Husband / Marathoner / Musician - BLOG!!

And so it begins….

Another Blog of meaningless words, put together from someone you may or may not know, about things you probably don’t care about, which could be offensive, politically incorrect, one-sided, and boring, told from a 40 year old male’s perspective.


But, maybe not.

I can talk about anything! Some of my interests include:

  • -I’m an automotive technician
  • -I own a small business
  • -I have run a marathon
  • -I am a musician
  • -I have a Kindergartener
  • -I live in NH
  • -I took the exams to be a Licensed Real Estate agent (didn’t go so well, neither did the second try...)

Hopefully, I can give humorous insight to things you DO care about and I’ll try NOT to offend anyone (though it can make a blog more controversial which = Readers!). Anyone interested in “Why does it cost so much to fix my car”? OR, “How/where can I find somewhere that I am comfortable or trust?”. Anyone run? I have a few stories about that experience I’d love to share. Anyone out there play in a band or ever wondered what it’s like? I have and got some stories there too. I have a young child that is a challenge to me every day! I meet a lot of different people in town, some NOT from the area on their way to some other spot in our beautiful country with a story or two. Do you want to know what it takes to run a small business in this area, or some of the challenges to running an automotive repair shop? I’m a little over 1 year into owning this business; want to know where I’ve failed? Where I’ve triumphed?

This blog is NOT just about the technical side of this business. I’m not going to be tearing down an engine and talking shop to those that want to learn how to work on their turbos. (Type G-O-O-G-L-E) Would you like to see some how-to videos and get links to articles and interesting automotive related things? I may eventually have a spot with more CAR SPECIFIC INFO where you can refer to the “NEWS” link on our website.

At this point, I really have no idea where this blog will go, but I have a ton of fun topics and stories that I’ll post. If you have a question, ask. I’ll read all comments and try to get a better perspective on what is interesting and what should just stay in my head (or on my computer).

If you are reading these blogs and trying to correct my spelling and grammar in your feedback, thanks but no thanks! This is meant to be HACKED! I am an Automotive Technician with Spell Check (Is that 1 words or 2 ---Spellcheck---Spell check???)

Anyhow, give me your feedback and I’ll post blogs as time allows. :-)

Ben Tallberg
Owner, Amesbury Foreign Auto

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